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Fireblade Publishers
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Back Cover Blurbs

After your book cover, your back cover blurb is the next thing potential readers will look at, so it’s vital that this reflects the book’s content well and is written in the same style as the book itself. It should contain enough information about the book to whet readers’ appetites for more, but should not include any spoilers – things you only want readers to discover as they read.

A back cover blurb should average between 100 to 300 words, but no more, as there is obviously limited space on the back of a book (assuming you want it in print). If you are publishing in ebook form only, you want to grab readers’ attention quickly, so a blurb that’s too long might be skipped over simply because the potential reader might not have time or inclination to read a ‘short story’ when he/she is looking for new reading material.

Fireblade Publishers only writes back cover blurbs for authors whose books we have read, as we feel that anyone who has not read a book is not equipped to write the blurb for it.

If you’ve hired us to edit, proofread or critique your manuscript, we’ll write the blurb for you at a small extra fee. If you haven’t hired us for any services that require us to read your book from cover to cover, we’ll charge a reading fee over and above the blurb-writing fee. If you’ve written your own back cover blurb, we’re happy to edit it for you for a small fee, though please keep in mind that, in these cases, it might not always be possible for us to spot spoilers or incorrect information provided in the blurb – the edit will focus on spelling and grammar, for the most part.

For a free quote, please contact Vanessa on editor @ firebladepublishers.com (remove spaces).


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