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Fireblade Publishers
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Editing & Proofreading

A proofread is only done after an edit. If your manuscript has not been edited, it cannot be proofread, so please only ask us to proofread your manuscript if it’s already been edited, either by Fireblade or another professional (friends and family only count if they’re editors by profession).

The process:

Author self-edits until happy with his/her manuscript. Only then should the manuscript be submitted to an editor.

Editor edits, focussing on bad grammar, spelling errors, typographical errors, semantic issues, punctuation, and ensuring that text flows and is readable by adding to, trimming or rewriting.

Author goes through the edit and makes any final changes he/she would like.

Proofreader proofreads for any errors the editor may have missed or the author may have inserted during the final changes.

Edits and proofreads are vital, because the human brain will often see a word as correct if the letters are jumbled, as long as the first and last letters are in the correct place.

Sutdies hvae rveaeled that teh huamn mnid deos not raed evrey lteter by istelf. Rahter, it raeds wlhoe wrods. Tihs maens taht, as lnog as the fisrt and lsat letetrs of a wrod are in the crorcet pclae, the ohter ltetres can be jubmled and the hmuan mnid will sitll be albe to raed it. Phneomneal, isn’t it?

Fireblade’s editing rates depend on whether the manuscript in question requires a light, medium or heavy edit, with a light edit being the cheapest. For tips on how to ensure your manuscript isn’t a heavy edit, we recommend the Editors’ Bible.

Authors: For a free editing or proofreading quote, please send any three pages of your manuscript to editor @ firebladepublishers.com (remove spaces). Please also advise the total word count of your manuscript, and be sure to follow our formatting guidelines.

Publishers: We often work according to publishers’ standard rates of pay, so please drop us a line with details of your projects.


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