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Free New Age & Spiritualism Non-Fiction Books

The free books listed on our website are for free download for your personal use only, and may not be resold. If you would like to share the author’s work with anyone, please point them to the author’s download page so they can download their own copy.

Please don’t forget to leave the author a review if you enjoy his or her book.

The Guru and the Jerk“The greatest education in the world cannot be bought, sold or given, because life will give it to you for free whether you want it or not.” – Street performer in Paris

There came a point in my studies when I suddenly realised I had adopted so many beliefs about spirituality that I had begun to build a self-imposed prison for myself. I started to see that my inner list of ‘shoulds’ had doubled, even tripled, since I had picked up my first spiritual self-help book. I didn’t realise it, but I was in the process of slowly constricting myself with all my beliefs about how I should live, what I should do, and what I should think or feel.

Download The Guru and the Jerk.

Sage's Little Book of Gems and their MeaningsHave you ever wondered about working with crystals and gems? Perhaps you’re looking for some ideas on how to select just the right gemstones, or more information about the meanings behind your birthstone. This interesting little book will give you some background about the history and lore of some of the world’s most popular gemstones and crystals. It also reveals birthstones for each month of the year, and gives some practical advice on how to choose a gem to use as your own personal power stone.

Download Sage's Little Book of Gems and Their Meanings.

Spiritual Ramblings, by Yosef AlbricSpiritual Ramblings is a compilation of articles by Yosef Albric with the general theme of spiritual development. The collected articles have been published in various forms in other places and some have formed the basis of chapters in Yosef’s other books. Spiritual Ramblings is a good introduction to the works of Yosef Albric.

Download Spiritual Ramblings.

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