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The free books listed on our website are for free download for your personal use only, and may not be resold. If you would like to share the author’s work with anyone, please point them to the author’s download page so they can download their own copy.

Please don’t forget to leave the author a review if you enjoy his or her book.

The van Sietter Bride Who Brought Happiness in Her Pocket, by Naoko SmithHe was not even being asked to offer her his ring.  Arkyll el Maien van Sietter was the catch of his generation in the marriage market; they only wanted him to show some interest in the slack daughter of the el Shostas to get gossip glittering around her head and bring other sons of the high nobility sniffing at her. However, nobody had asked what Arkyll wanted. (Warning:  for over 18s only, contains detailed explicit sex scenes including oral and finger-sex.)

Download The van Sietter Bride Who Brought Happiness in Her Pocket.

An Honourable Slut, by Naoko SmithDar Vaie was an honourable slut. He had never looked on a man for more than a quick one (well, apart from the el Maiens, and Clair el Maien was his senior and Tashka a killer). When he tried to lure Hanya Lein out for something hot and juicy, he got more than he bargained for. Vaie was a scarred veteran of Shier Bridge, the most dreadful victory of the Sietter-H’las war, and that might yet be his undoing.  (Warning: for over 18s only; contains explicit scenes of gay sex, including anal & oral.)

Download An Honourable Slut.

As Pleases my General, by Naoko Smith...He was famous for the exquisite gentle pleasures that his hard-trained body could be teased into providing... 

The story of a man who likes women and a woman on a mission, with a bit of man-on-man as a bonne bouche for women who like men. (Warning: over 18s only; graphic scenes of anal sex, oral sex and fingering – and domestic labour!)

Download As Pleases my General.  

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