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Free Fantasy Novels

The free books listed on our website are for free download for your personal use only, and may not be resold. If you would like to share the author’s work with anyone, please point them to the author’s download page so they can download their own copy.

Please don’t forget to leave the author a review if you enjoy his or her book.

Daisy Madigan's Paradise, by Suzy TurnerWhen tragedy falls upon 15-year-old Daisy Madigan, she escapes to the only place she feels safe, the cemetery of Abney Park. There, in the company of the dearly departed, she realises she is changing, growing stronger and faster by the day. However, in the darkness lurks a terror even she can't imagine facing.

Download Daisy Madigan's Paradise.

Artifice: Episode One, by KP AlexanderWaking up after a rough night, John had never really expected to find a dragon staring back at him when he opened his coat closet. He finds himself transported to an exotic new world, complete with magic and its own cast of eccentric characters. However, as John attempts to understand this bizarre land, his unusual vacation is cut short when an unexpected enemy makes an appearance.

Download Artifice: Episode One.

Sanctuary for the Devil, by Vanessa Finaughty In his search for the origin of the human race, Liam MacAskill travels to another planet and comes face to face with the Devil himself. He’s driven to claim sanctuary from the monks and nuns at Tridor Monastery, where another stranger to the land lies in a coma.

Download Sanctuary for the Devil.

FREE FANTASY NOVEL - Slave Empire, Prophecy When an accountant for a high tech company is accidentally transported to an alternate dimension he finds himself carried along on a series of amusing escapades. Short on descriptive passages yet long on humor and ingenious ideas. A quick read for those who like light fantasy.

Download The Master of Dimensional Intrigue.

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