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Fireblade Publishers
Publishing Services Company

Terms of Service

Please read Fireblade Publishers’ terms of service carefully, as most of your questions will be answered here or in our FAQ.

1. Manuscripts

If you would like to request a quotation for editing, proofreading or novel critique, please read our formatting guidelines first. It’s vital that these instructions are followed in order for Fireblade to quote consistent rates.

2. Editing, proofreading and critiques

If you hired Fireblade for any of the above services, once you receive your manuscript back from us, if there is anything in our comments that is not clear to you or if you have any questions regarding something specific changed in your book (in the case of an edit or proofread), please do not hesitate to query it with us. There is no additional fee for this.

However, please note that you may not ask us to explain language rules, nor may you ask for a critique, unless you’ve hired Fireblade specifically for that service.

Should you wish to discuss your novel (or usage of the English language) in more detail, please request a consultation quotation.

3. Payments

Fireblade Publishers accepts payments only via direct bank transfer, bank deposit or online bank transfer. International clients (non-South Africans), please ensure your payment is converted from your local currency to the South African rand before it reaches us – South African banks' conversion charges are ridiculously high.

A 50% deposit is required before commencement of most services, with the balance of the fee payable within five working days of completion of work.

In cases where our quotation is R300 or less, we require full payment of invoice before work can commence.

All consultations should be paid for in advance.

No fees are refundable, with the exception of cases where Fireblade makes the decision to no longer provide services already paid for by the author. For example, Author X has paid his deposit and we’ve begun his novel edit. A few pages into the edit, the editor realises the book encourages one or more of the following: bestiality rape, incest, sex with minors or anything else we think could lead to someone’s harm. We then refund the author his/her deposit and wash our hands of the book.

4. Edits & proofreads

Please note that Fireblade Publishers’ editors and proofreaders will not correct, change or research the following in any manuscript:

    • Non-English words (unless specifically arranged with us at an additional fee)
    • Contents page numbering
    • Factual information
    • Consistent incorrect tense usage (will be corrected in an edit, but not a proofread)
    • Consistent incorrect character point of view changes (will be corrected in an edit, but not a proofread)

    We will point out the above to the author and provide at least one example of each from the manuscript, and we will correct these things if we happen to already know the correct usage and/or spelling (such as in commonly used non-English words). However, any research required comes with a research fee, to be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

    5. Usage of copyrighted material in manuscripts

    If copyrighted material (material that does not belong to the author) is used in the manuscript, it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has written permission from the copyright holder to use those materials.

    The author also declares, by submitting his or her manuscript for an edit, proofread or critique, that he or she is the legal copyright holder of said manuscript or has written permission from the author to request said services. In the latter case, please forward us this permission with your manuscript and quotation request.


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