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The Better Writing Guide, by Vanessa Finaughty

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The Better Writing Guide
By Vanessa Finaughty

If you have purchased the Editors’ Bible, please do not purchase The Better Writing Guide. The Better Writing Guide is intended to offer a better-value option to those who would like the writing advice without the in-depth information on editing, formatting, spelling and grammar contained in the Editors’ Bible, and this book is, therefore, a compilation of select Editors’ Bible chapters that are orientated more towards those who are solely focussed on improving their writing style/voice.

The Better Writing Guide offers myriad tips to improve your writing, and delves deeply into things that will enhance your skills, such as character point of view, tenses and writing style. The guide will clarify misconceptions and confusions regarding the dos and don’ts of writing, is a practical reference for would-be writers and others who wish to write easily understood, effective prose, and will open your eyes to things you may not yet have considered.

The Better Writing Guide can be purchased from Barnes & Noble (soon), Smashwords, Sony Reader Store, Kobo and Diesel.

If you find the book useful, please post a brief review to let others know. The author appreciates it and is happy to reply to any queries. (Those who review on Diesel can earn money for reviews too.)

The Better Writing Guide, by Vanessa Finaughty


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