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Free Images

As all indie authors know, professional cover designers and illustrators can be pricey. While most authors understand that much time is involved in creating the perfect cover (some designers will even read your book first) and, therefore, the high fees are often vindicated, many still cannot afford to hire a professional to create their book covers.

This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a sub-standard cover that isn’t likely to draw attention (for any positive reasons). There are plenty of great websites out there that offer free images for commercial use, and some of them are so good that it’s hard to believe they’re free.

To make your future searches for cover images go smoother, note the following:

Royalty free = you pay a once-off fee for the image, then you may use it for commercial purposes without paying royalties to the image’s copyright holder.

Free royalty-free = you can download the image for free and may use it for commercial purposes without paying royalties.

Note that different websites’ terms of usage vary, so be sure to always read the copyright information for the images you’d like to use. Some free royalty-free images, for example, are free for use with no restrictions, while others allow usage of the image, but not in its current form, and some don’t ask you to credit the image, while others will insist on it.

Fireblade Publishers recommends…

Free royalty-free images for commercial use
Usually high resolution
No usage restrictions
Search function

Royalty-free and free royalty-free images for commercial use
Low resolution – free images
High resolution – purchase necessary
Usage restrictions differ per image; attribution required for free images
Search function


If you’d like your book’s cover font to be a little more creative, take a look around this stock photo site.

Fireblade welcomes new recommendations.


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