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The Better Writing Guide, by Vanessa Finaughty

Critters - for honest critique of your writing
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Eats, Shoots and Leaves, by Lynne Truss

The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar

David Farland's Writing Tips
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Fireblade Publishers
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Free Software

Writing Software

A novelist designed this word processor that assists writers to arrange scenes and chapters, and generates theme and plot reports.

For those who don’t have MS Word, OpenOffice is a free alternative that’s almost as good and has many of the same functions.

A word processing programme that frees the writer of all distractions and is said to be visually appealing in such a way that it enhances writing.

Design and Photo Manipulation Software

Open source software for creating and editing images. It has many of the same functions and tools Photoshop does.

Free software for illustrating or image editing, with plenty of texture brushes.

A good free alternative to Photoshop - simpler and easier to use.
~ Thanks to Liz Mills for suggesting this programme.

E-Readers for Computers

A selection of e-readers for computers, compliments of YA fantasy author, Alphya Cing.

If you use relevant free software that isn’t listed here, please share it with us.


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