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Fireblade Publishers
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Writing Tips & Tools

Fireblade has compiled a list of writing tips and tools to enable authors worldwide to improve their writing skills. We welcome suggestions for additional related resources.

The Better Writing Guide
The Better Writing Guide offers myriad tips to improve your writing, and delves deeply into things that will enhance your skills, such as character point of view, tenses and writing style.

Balance Narrative and Dialogue
There’s no rule that says you have to have a certain amount of dialogue versus a certain amount of narrative. However, it’s good to have a balance. Read our tips on when to use which.

Choosing a Character Point of View (POV)
Points to keep in mind when considering which character’s POV to write from.

Character Questionnaire
Use these questions to make character development easier.

How to Introduce and Write about Nameless Characters
In most stories, the majority of the characters are minor characters, and many of them may be so insignificant or appear so briefly that there’s no need to name them. Learn some tips on how to write about these nameless characters without being overly wordy.

Character Development Generators
A choice of generators designed to assist with character development, amongst other things.

To Plan or Not to Plan?
Is it necessary to plan a story or novel, or can one just write and see what happens?

Say What You Mean
Many authors seem to think that one has to write in a different manner to the way most people speak. The opposite is true.


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